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Free download movie Aftermath is a new revenge drama starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is considerably more contemplative and downbeat than the Austrian leading man’s fans might expect. Unfortunately, the film’s commendably atypical focus on characters, mood, and psychological realism does not make Schwarzenegger’s latest necessarily good.

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We spend much of the film waiting for something to happen after two strangers—a construction foreman (Schwarzenegger) and an air traffic controller (Scoot McNairy)—have their lives implicitly bound together by the collision of two commercial airliners. “Aftermath” should be refreshing for its atypically slow build-up to these two characters’ climactic meeting. But more often than not, it feels lifeless and angsty, mostly because it never has anything substantial to say about the grieving process beyond immersing viewers in trite representations of post-traumatic stress. The film’s short-comings are especially upsetting since Schwarzenegger is actually rather good in the film, and proves once again that, despite a severely limited range, he knows how to brood.

Free download movie Aftermath

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