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Free download movie – Here is a film about posh restaurant food and shouty, sexy chefs pausing between outbursts to bend over and stare intently at something on an aluminium surface. It stars a smouldering and bestubbled Bradley Cooper and with profound solemnity, buys into the concept that rudeness and temper tantrums are the signs of passion and flair – as opposed to, say, being a fantastically tiresome prat.
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Maybe soon director John Wells will make a new film starring Bradley Cooper as a tempestuous surgeon who screams: “You call these scalpels sharp?” before smashing them clatteringly into a metal dish, picking up a heart, throwing it with a deafening splat at the wall, shoving a brain squelchingly into the face of some penny-pinching hospital accountant and then storming out of the operating theatre into the courtyard outside with the bins, where he will perhaps enjoy an impulsive snog with a besotted blonde sous-surgeon or commis-surgeon.

The film is executive produced by Gordon Ramsay with “special dishes” created onscreen by Marcus Wareing, two working professionals who, I suspect, don’t believe their own reality-TV publicity the way this film expects us to.

It’s traditional for reviewers to express discontent with a food-related film with wisecracks about being “tepid” or “underdone” but bafflingly this film has done this itself with its awkward title, suggestive of something gone wrong. It doesn’t hint at fiery passion – or even the fascinatingly damaged guy on the verge of an inspiring comeback – so much as a stupid bloke who has left a slice of white bread under the grill, turned the telly on and then forgotten all about it. Almost any other title would be better, except Eddie Murphy has dibs on Raw.

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