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Download movie free full The Bounty Hunter 2010 – Perhaps inadvertently, helmer Andy Tennant and scenarist Sarah Thorp have fashioned a sort of modern-day reworking of “His Girl Friday,” insofar as “The Bounty Hunter” is also a comedy of remarriage featuring a feisty femme reporter, an ex-husband in hot pursuit and a raft of gun-toting shenanigans. (It also contains a shot of a newsroom teeming with gainfully employed print journalists, an anachronism if ever there was one.)

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Charged with an undisclosed felony, New York investigative reporter Nicole (Aniston) skips bail to chase down a story involving a suspicious suicide and possible NYPD corruption. This turns out to be the ultimate revenge opportunity for her former spouse, cop-turned-bounty hunter Milo (Butler), who is assigned to take Nicole into custody. It’s a tidily contrived premise that takes an exhausting 20 minutes to set up, delayed by a chase sequence in the middle of a Fourth of July parade and a clueless reporter (Jason Sudeikis) whose romantic interest in Nicole proves as obnoxious to the audience as it is to her.

Milo soon tracks Nicole down in Atlantic City, and their quarrelsome dynamic moves to the fore, starting with a scene in which he temporarily stuffs her into the trunk of his car, in broad daylight, without a word of onlooker alarm. Relishing his legal authority over his ex-wife, Milo begins their long drive back to New York — and, inevitably, down memory lane — with multiple farcical pit stops involving handcuffs, a Taser, a rickshaw, a golf cart and a bag of money. Add a trigger-happy psycho (Peter Greene) and two thugs, and it’s hard not to feel that all this strenuous over-complication amounts to a vote of no confidence in the two leads. A leaner, smarter movie would have allowed them to carry the day.

As it is, the thesps are essentially retreading past roles — Aniston was a brittle ex in “The Break-Up,” Butler a cocksure pig in last year’s “The Ugly Truth” — which wouldn’t matter so much if their banter had half the sparkle of the Atlantic City casinos they keep driving past. The characters’ turbulent romantic history is referenced often but never explored; when it suddenly dawns on Nicole that she can’t remember why she hates Milo in the first place, it’s clear the filmmakers haven’t a clue, either.

Free Hollywood movies Download : The Bounty Hunter 2010

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