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Free movie downloads no membership – Free Download Train to Busan (2016) Full Movie (Hangul: 부산행;  Busanhaeng) is a 2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse horror thriller film directed by Yeon Sang-ho and starring Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi and Ma Dong-seok The film had its premiere in the Midnight Screenings section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival on 13 May. On 7 August, the film set a record as the first Korean film of 2016 to break the audience record with over 10 million theatergoers

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The train stops at Daejeon, which had reportedly been placed under military quarantine, but the station is seemingly deserted. However, when the passengers disembark, they discover that the military have all been zombified, and they attempt to return to the train. Zombies rabidly attack the train, causing Seong-kyeong, In-gil and the homeless man to retreat to the rear of the train and into a bathroom with Su-an. Realizing the dire situation they are in, the conductor restarts the train to head to Busan, where a successful quarantine zone has reportedly been established.

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As the train departs, a spasmodic young woman boards the train with a bite wound on her leg, and she soon succumbs to the zombie infection. Zombified, she attacks a passing female train attendant who had attempted to resuscitate her, and the zombie infection spreads. The zombies infect the baseball team and other passengers, but baseball player Yong-guk, his girlfriend Jin-hee, and two other students escape by fleeing to a front car. News broadcasts report zombie outbreaks throughout cities in Korea.

An animated prequel, Seoul Station, was released less than a month later. The film serves as a reunion for Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-mi who both starred in the 2011 film The Crucible.

Free Download Train to Busan (2016) Full Movie

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