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Download movie free full Level Up (2016) BluRay 720p – The answer arrives in the form of Adam Randall‘s Level Up, a high-concept thriller wherein slacker Matt (Josh Bowman) is torn from his videogame existence to engage in a nightmarish game of blackmailed carnage. Co-written by Gary Young — the man behind Michael Caine’s revenger Harry Brown — the film’s full of darkly humorous moments due to its star being unable to flip that “killing machine” switch. With girlfriend Anna (Leila Mimmack) kidnapped by the same rainbow colored ski-mask-wearing brutes who outfitted him with a lockbox vest carrying a package for the enigmatic Dmitri (Neil Maskell), Matt has no choice but to follow the instructions they supply. This means surviving unnamed assailants (William Houston‘s Businessman), having sex with strangers in lingerie (Christina Wolfe‘s Kya), and being tasked with murder.

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Randall and Young utilize the usual tropes, tipping them on end with an everyman protagonist more scared than full of adrenaline-fueled rage. Matt’s confused and out of his element. He does what he can to survive in the moment unable to think about how current actions impact the future. If he stabs an enemy in the shoulder with a chair leg, he can escape. There’s no stone-faced calm to kick his victim unconscious or slit his throat. If anything, the sheer fact he got away and drew blood is enough to keep him reeling beyond comprehension. And he’s not a ladies’ man ready and willing to sleep with an attractive woman throwing herself at him either. Matt’s awkward, in pain, and lost inside a game with actual stakes. Next free movie downloads no registration

You watch enough hero-backed-into-a-corner action films like Crank, Taken, or The Equalizer and you start to find your mind drifting away from the sheer monotony of their progression. Their characters are built to survive these situations no matter how dire because people want to see the good guy win. They want to see him risk everything, travel in the murky areas of morality, and be the badass society doesn’t allow them to be, but that ultimate victory is key because escapism only works when your surrogate onscreen walks away. How else could there be a sequel? But what happens when a Joe Schmo is thrust into proving his mettle through the same type of scenario? What would those films look like through a Shaun of the Dead filter?. free movie download sites, download movies for free online, download movies free without membership

Level Up feels familiar without boring us because we’re unsure how Matt will get out of his next predicament devoid of the skillset necessary to fight his way through. It’s not about watching him mow down extras with quick cuts and synth beats; it’s him getting pummeled until his assailant accidentally knocks himself out or someone comes to the rescue. It’s Matt puffing out his chest with bluffs to extricate himself from a dangerous swarm of criminals, his heart sinking when what appears to be a success potentially gets foiled by his inability to ride the vehicles or use the weapons he’s so proficient with on his Playstation. There are no spawn points if he gets killed, but is that enough to force him to pull the trigger?

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