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In China, four is the number of death (mis-pronounce ‘Suh’, the word for four, and you get ‘seh’, the word for die), and is considered unlucky. So it’s a bad start when dormitory crowding forces a medical school to open up the closed ward and start filling up the rooms with four students to a room. And with such omens, we are introduced to our core cast- Xia Mengjian (actress Swan Wen), the virginal perfect girl; her best friend, Huiren (Donna Zhao); Aiwa, the nerdy, superstitious Christian; and He Guilan, the spooky girl. It’s not easy attending medical school when your shower hall is apparently haunted by the ghost of a woman who committed suicide in your dorm room. However, when the bodies start piling up, Mengjian sets out to solve the mystery, rather than just acting like a completely helpless girl. She may still end up getting tied down to an autopsy table, but at least she demonstrates some intelligence and autonomy before becoming the damsel figure.

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Ting Liang
Writer: Ting Liang
Stars: Swan Wen, Yi Cheng, Shuangyu Du

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