Ouija : Origin of Evil (2016) Free Movie Download

Free movie downloads no membership – Free Download Ouija : Origin of Evil (2016) Full Movie. This movie horror movie Taking place in 1967, the story concerns the Zander family, including widowed mother Alice (Elizabeth Reaser); teen daughter Paulina, known as Lina (Annalise Basso); and 9-year-old Doris (Lulu Wilson).

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Free hollywood movies download – Alice runs a fake medium business out of her home, using her daughters as confederates to help fool her bereaved clients with illusions simulating contact from the dead. The financially struggling single mother doesn’t think of herself as conning her clients, but rather comforting them in their time of need.

One day Alice comes home bearing “a new prop for work” in the form of a Ouija board. That Alice isn’t entirely cynical about her vocation is made clear when she makes a half-hearted attempt to contact her late husband using the board, with disappointing results.


But the Ouija board soon proves itself a genuine conduit to the spirit world, with little Doris becoming possessed by an entity that clearly has malevolent intentions. With the little girl writing copiously in Polish and undergoing disturbing physical transformations, the situation attracts the concern of Father Tom (Henry Thomas), the principal of her Catholic school. He comes to the Zander home to investigate, and when he stands outside the house, wearing a hat and clutching a small bag, his silhouette provides a sly visual allusion to The Exorcist.

Director/screenwriter Flanagan (Oculus, Hush) slowly ratchets up the tension, forgoing a heavy reliance on cheap jump scares (not that there aren’t a few). Infused with psychological complexity and nuanced characterizations, Ouija: Origin of Evil falters only in the final section, featuring a demon looking like a renegade member of Blue Man Group and a backstory involving the Holocaust that feels wholly unearned.

The visually sumptuous film, featuring Michael Fimognari’s autumnal cinematography and Patricio M. Farrell’s perfectly vintage-looking sets and costumes, actually appears to date from the period in which it’s set. The clever credit sequences, employing the old Universal logo and inspired by Ouija board graphics, are another plus.

The film certainly works as a stand-alone story, but fans of the 2014 predecessor should stick around through the end credits, when the narrative connection between the two is revealed in a short sequence featuring veteran horror film actress Lin Shaye.

Ouija : Origin of Evil (2016) Free Movie Download

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