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Passengers 2016 watch online merupakan passengers film 2016 yang populer dengan berbagai aksi adventurenya. Passengers 2008, passengers (2015), passengers book. Passengers is an interesting central premise wrapped in slick science-fiction production and a moral quandary overshadowing the two primary characters. This is not a gritty take on the potential for human colonization because that isn’t the focus, just the catalyst for two people facing death on board a luxury transport vessel, before reaching their intended destination. If you like realism in your films then you need not apply; if you’re hoping for a deep dive into the morality of condemning another to death out of desperate loneliness, then this is not for you either. The film balances it’s leads against the escalating threat, and never really commits to either.

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Passengers review, Chris Pratt is beginning to show as a relatively one note actor, leaving Jennifer Lawrence, as usual, to do most of the heavy lifting–she makes a noticeable impact on the film once she shows up. Both work well enough together as Chris settles into familiar likeability territory and Jennifer shows why she earned her $20 million, eventually wrapping up in a predictable but satisfying ending that’s sure to please most.

Much has been made of Chris waking Jennifer for his own needs, and it is reactionary and unfounded. Enough screen time is devoted to showing the agonising decision prior, during and after the fallout for this not to be pounced upon in today’s delicate climate–their are more important battles to be fought than in this above average and entertaining film.

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