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Download movies for free online Star Trek: Beyond was by far the least enjoyable of the Trek films to date, a waste of my time and it’s cast’s considerable acting talent, and a squandered opportunity to tell what could have been a wonderfully engaging story.

Instead of being told anything like the story I had expected, I was treated by producer Justin Lin to a solid two hours of uninterrupted fight scenes, explosions, and special-effects with nary a hint of plot or character development, not to mention the accompanying musical score, which was both bombastic and annoying.

Note to producer Lin: “You cannot rely on Star Trek’s fifty year history, illustrious cachet or hyper-loyal fan base to sustain you if you offer this kind of tripe: don’t do this again! “

It started well. I liked Kirk’s inner musings on his role as captain while out in deep space and his motions towards moving up the Starfleet ladder and finding his feet and some solidarity. I liked the emotional pull on Spock once he’d realised Old Spock had died and, of course, his wishes to help repopulate the Vulcan peoples following their planet’s demise in the first rebooted film. All decent setup…that went nowhere, in reality. I have no idea who the white-faced lady was (Darthlene Maul?), or how the bad guys managed to so effectively setup a, er, hate colony? I have no idea why the huge super space environment Yorktown would build what was in effect a gravitational portaloo wherein the person emptying it was certain to be flushed out into space to die. I left with more questions than answers.

I will say that aesthetically it was lovely. Seeing the USS Franklin fire surf its way across a wave of rampant alien ships to the Beastie Boys actually gave me a thrilling chill. The costumes/aliens were fabulous and the representation of travelling through space/time was excellent. When used well, colour can sell an idea.

All in all, it was a very flashy, overlong episode of the original series minus the moral impetus. The show had a ‘moral/alien of the week’ and yes, I did the get the point about abandonment and a soldier’s role in peacetime and everything else. But, how much could they have made of that? A lot more. Well, a lot more than some throwaway lines at the end to explain what had been going on for the last two hours. I know the writers were up against it with this film. Pegg et al didn’t have long and I expect it wasn’t easy getting something together, filmed, post-produced and released in the time frame they had so fair play. But for Star Trek 4…I expect more.

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